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Accomplish more with Revelocity Consulting

Partner with us for: 

Sales Solutions

  • Analyze your sales funnel and develop lead nurturing campaigns 

  • Create proven sales strategies and accurate forecasts 

  • Generate sales reporting for better business decisions  

Marketing Strategy

  • Develop strategic marketing plans  

  • Design and staff your marketing organization 

  • Deliver more results from your marketing spend 

Marketing Execution

  • Implement digital marketing strategies and initiatives 

  • Generate content strategy, editorial calendars, and compelling content 

  • Identify and measure KPIs to ensure your efforts are yielding optimal results 

Brand Expertise

  • Define your brand’s purpose and communicate it effectively internally and externally 

  • Map the client journey and refine customer experience across all touchpoints 

  • Increase your brand’s visibility in social and traditional media 

C-Suite Deliverables

  • Develop business plans and budgets  

  • Evaluate potential acquisitions or divestitures 

  • Improve efficiencies in processes and systems 

Together we can accelerate revenue growth.


Revelocity's Proprietary 6 Steps to Success

1. Take on your industry, company, and challenges

2. Audit your sales, marketing, and/or brand to assess opportunities

3. Define and document the plan to take you where you want to go

4. Work your plan with precision

5. Measure success based on defined KPIs

6. Refine your plan and repeat the process for new challenges and opportunities 

Let’s Talk Specifics from Sample Engagements.

Challenge: Reinvent sales and business development


  • Rebuilt the sales organization and processes to align with purchasing behavior 

  • Revamped how prospects are targeted and leads nurtured 

  • Reviewed contracts and negotiations for hidden opportunities 

  • Refined pitch decks and prospecting scripts 

  • Developed a comprehensive trade show strategy to drive more attendees…and new business  

Challenge: Enhance customer experience and build greater brand awareness


  • Assessed all touchpoints, including website, direct mail, traditional media, social media, and call center engagement 

  • Managed internal and external brand transformation initiative 

  • Developed message architecture, brand-building narrative, and content marketing calendar 

  • Devised innovative campaigns to drive brand recognition and growth 

Challenge: Develop and launch new products


  • Compiled independent research on market, products, and innovation 

  • Designed new product features and benefits, packaging a compelling value proposition 

  • Drove comprehensive go-to-market plans to ensure on-time and on-budget product launches

Challenge: Define business opportunity


  • Researched earnings, calls/reports, legal documents, and investor conferences to estimate market size and competitor market share 

  • Identified acquisition opportunities by assessing niche market potential, evaluating opportunities, and packaging recommendations for pursuit 

  • Completed extensive research to predict the growth strategies competitors may likely focus on 

Ready to take on your next business opportunity? We’re up for your challenge.

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