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Not just a consultant

A cadre of experts who see what’s needed, take action quickly, and set you on a path to success.

With Revelocity Consulting, you have access to turnkey talent who:

  • Can augment, or grow your own team

  • Possess the right horsepower for your exact  needs — from C-suite executives to highly seasoned specialists and reps

  • Have proven expertise and demonstrated skills in many sectors and organizations

  • Can readily understand and adapt to your culture and processes without burdening your own team

  • Will deliver the cold, hard truth when needed

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Make Revelocity your
go-to source 
for business solutions.

Marketing and Sales Consultation

Marketing and sales consultation with Revelocity is a great fit for organizations that need accurate high-level strategic direction to solve key business challenges.  

Many companies grow so quickly that the marketing organizations do not get appropriately organized. Or marketing becomes, by default, a series of one-off activities, often driven by sales or leadership. While each activity may have its own merits, they collectively may not be driving optimal results.   

Rapid growth can also mean growing pains and inefficiencies for sales teams. Effective selling takes optimized systems, processes, and discipline. For example, a lead scoring system that’s off by even a few percentage points may significantly and unnecessarily inhibit revenue growth.

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Turnkey Temporary CMO

Do you need marketing leadership right away? Perhaps you’re not ready to hire a full-time CMO. Or you need a temporary executive to lead through a transition or until you make a permanent hire.  

With Revelocity, you access a talent pool of marketing leaders. This seasoned executive will immediately step into a senior role to lead strategies, programs, and teams — and deliver the results your growing business demands.   

Marketing Audit

Are you getting maximum results from your marketing spend? What do your prospects and customers really think of you? And how do your efforts stack up against your competition?  

Tap into Revelocity to conduct a full marketing audit to identify opportunities and vulnerabilities. You’ll get an objective review of your strategies, activities, touchpoints, systems, and even organizational structure. Your audit includes customized recommendations for how to quickly take your marketing efforts in the right direction and where you can optimize and achieve efficiencies.  ​

Our marketing audits are so popular that we now offer sales and brand audits, too.  

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Marketing and Sales Execution

Marketing and sales initiatives take many discrete activities — from content creation and public relations to lead-tracking software and sales scripts. With Revelocity, you can access highly experienced marketing and sales professionals who can step into virtually any campaign or project and carry out even the smallest details with precision — coming in on time and on budget.

Revelocity is your perfect choice because it’s:

  • A quick option that can be implemented right away for immediate revenue impact 

  • Flexible and adaptable as your business grows 

  • Cost effective, especially when compared to executive compensation packages and recruitment expenses 

  • Lower risk than rushing a critical hire or outgrowing a permanent one  

Let's revolutionize your sales and marketing with Revelocity.

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